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Adopting a Scottie

The decision to add a Scottie to your life is not one to be made lightly or on impulse. You must first evaluate your needs, the needs of your family, what you want in a dog and whether this breed is the one for you. Purchasing or adopting a dog - (any dog) is a long-term commitment; with proper care, many Scotties can live 12 or more years. Before your make any decision, make sure you know exactly how a Scottie will affect your life.

What is a rescue Scottie?

The Scotties that enter the Rescue Program come via a variety of ways. Many are abandoned by their owners or are turned into the pound or animal shelter. Some are picked up as strays and never claimed. Occasionally, owners must give up their dogs because of medical problems, moving into retirement homes, divorce, new baby, etc. Some become homeless because they outlive their owners.

Many of the dogs that we get into our program have little time or attention paid to them and they may not be housebroken. Some are grieving for a lost loved one. We have found that when they get into a good home where they are wanted and loved, they return that love many times over.

The Goal

The primary goal of the Rescue Program is for the dog to be placed in a good, loving, permanent home. If you adopt a stray, mistreated, or abandoned Scottish Terrier through the Scottie Rescue Program and give it your affection, it will reward you with eternal love and gratitude.

How to reach Area Coordinators:

Contact Name
Dallas/Ft. Worth Margie Tucker (972) 539-2357 Send
Midland Linda Hill (915) 687-1688 Send
San Antonio/Austin Julie Walker (210) 387-2786 Send
Houston Maggie Escriva (855) 468-7974
Toll Free


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