STCGH Events - 2017 

Annual Sweepstakes & Specialty

The STCGH Sweepstakes & Specialty is held each year in July at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas in conjunction with the "World Series of Dog Shows". 

Photos from the 2017 Sweepstakes & Specialty


Sweeps, Specialty and Supported Entry

"It's A Plaid, Plaid, Plaid World!"

Gina Smith Judging Sweeps
Gina is "Mad About Plaid!"
Gina Smith, Sweeps Judge
Gina Smith, Sweeps Judge
Kelli Edell and Gina
Claudia Leffler and Gina Smith
Rae Bailey & Claudia Leffler
Jody, Rae, Gina, Linda & Lyn
Jody Jones, Rae Bailey, Gina Smith, Linda Bassett and Lyn Sheridan
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