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Claudons Puppy
Kelwyn's Rauha
Claudia's Paint Party
Chuy Moreno
Bath Tub Scots
Finn Bailey
BIS Ribbon Kelwyn
Kelwyn Scots
Kelwyn's Zena
Patriotic Bella
Paint Party
King James
Scottie Xmas
Patriotic Wheaten Scottie Stake
Renee Pearcy
Star Jones
Paint Party
Specialty Judging
Specialty Trophies 2016
Kathryn Owen
Specialty 2016
Scottie Fun w/ Jody, Linda & Lyn
Meet the Breed 2016
Jody Jones Lure Coursing 10-2016
Bella Xmas
Patriotic Black Scottie Stake
Trophy Chair 2016
Jody & Bella w/ Ribbons
Paint Party
Specialty Trophies 2015
Maggie Bailey
Jody Xmas Tree
Lyn, Show Chair and Kathryn
Renee 2015
World Series of Dog Shows 2016
Specialty Trophies
Claudia's Paint Party
Fiona Bassett
Harry Potter
At Tiffany's w/ Fiona & Finn
Meet the Breed-2016a
(LtoR) Bella (Jody Jones), Fiona (Linda Bassett) and Finn (Rae Rae Bailey)
Violet profile Border
Paint Party
2012 Specialty Trophies
Claudon's Puppy
Houston Specialty
Jody's Girls
John & Betty Gauntt
Houston Meet the Breed
Barn Hunt 2015- Kelwyn
Paint Party
Sunflower Scot by Valeria
Pin-up Scotties
Kelwyn's Zena
Kathryn Owen
Meet the Breed 2016
Houston 2015
Linen Trophies
Fiona Bassett
Pin-up Scots
Violet's Litter
sync 9-18-13 316
Terrier Group Win Kelwyn
Blue- Fema Hurricane Preparedness
Meet the Breed - 2016
Kelli Westminter
Finn and Maggie Bailey
Fiona Watching Lure Coursing 10-2017
Paint Party 11-2017
Lyn and Linda Expo ATX 10-2017
Xmas 2017- Lyn, Chris and Claudia
Xmas 2017 - Linda Bassett
Xmas 2017 - Renee, Lindsay, Marie,
Xmas 2017 - Lyn Sheridan
Xmas 2017 - Karen Haag
Xmas 2017 - Renee Pearcy
Xmas 2017 - Lindsay, Marie & Jan
Xmas 2017 - Claudia Leffler

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